4 Things You Should Know About Applying to Art School

An art school application is not like an application to like Oregon State University or even UCLA. No, an art school application will be heavy on creativity and proving your ability to think way outside the box. Not only are art schools looking for talented artists – they are also looking for individuals that will […]

4 Ways to Make Your Art School Application Stand Out

If you are an artist, or creative person, and you are thinking of applying to art school, you may be searching for some ways to make your application stand out. Indeed, the old days of sending a boring, straightforward art school application with images from your portfolio and a dry statement are over. Admissions departments are looking for flare and excitement. Right now, the art world is awash in people trying to get into the industry. Art school allows many of these people to get in on the ground floor. However, art schools are realizing that some of these people aren’t quite as passionate and they are merely in it for the popularity of the field. This is why your application should prove that you are passionate and that you will add to the dialogue of a classroom, and that you will be a boon to an art school studio. Here are four ways to make your art school application stand out.

  1. Find a Creative Way to Present Your Portfolio

Instead of sending in images of your portfolio, you may want to make an interesting video of yourself making art. Perhaps you can find a friend that knows how to

What is Ornamental Woodcarving?

Ornamental woodcarving is the art of shaping ornaments, furniture, statues, and utensils from wood, by the use of drills, abrasives and cutting tools. Wood is a light and soft medium that can be shaped into different styles and looks. Wood has tensile strength and enables a craftsman to join separate pieces with ease.  The beauty of its versatile textures and grain allows the carving to have both an antique and a modern contemporary look.

Thehistory of ornamental wood sculptures has been distorted by the arbitrary survival of wooden carved pieces that were vulnerable to fire, dampness and vermin. Ornamental wood carved pieces today are given a strong finishing with files, sandpaper and rasps, that help in preserving it’s look. They can also be gilded directly or with plaster and painted/polished to make them last forever. Contemporary wood carving utilizes tools like Veiners and sharpened knives, as well as laser cutting tools.


History of Ornamental Woodcarving:

Decorative wood carving has always beena medium of artistic expression, compelling different forms as per the sharpness of

The World's Largest Online Art Gallery

Generally a photograph helps us to keep our glorious past. Beside that it reflects the personality and social status and also helps to remind our past. So it can be said that a photograph is important for all. Nowadays an art gallery is a better way to publish photograph and popularity of art galleries has been greater than before in the world. Another important thing is that a photograph may show an historical event which was occurred by people.

An art gallery is a building or space for the exhibition of art. So it is a better way to publish images and image related information. A gallerys definition can also include the artist cooperative or artist-run space. Usually an art gallery attracts the people if it contains significant images. The purpose of the art gallery is to both highlight the natural beauty of the planet and to illustrate how the raw data can be manipulated to create entirely new works of art. A private art gallery refers to the commercial enterprises for the sale of art. In general an owner of art gallery he or she always tries to collect significant art. For this reason people go to art gallery to

Different Uses Of Paintings

Each and every person may be having different views when asked about painting. Some may find it as a means of relaxing from their busy schedule; it may be passion for some, while some may find it dirty as it spoils your hands while applying paints. People have been doing Paintings since ancient times and since then it hasn’t lost it importance. There are certain facts related to paintings which may not have crossed your mind. Paintings can be used in many different ways such as follows:

1.Decoration: Some people even though they don’t have any knowledge about painting and colours, but still they purchase paintings after spending a lot of money just to increase their collection of paintings and using them for decorating their house. They won’t even understand what the painter is trying to portray in his work, but still if they find it attractive they won’t mind spending money on them. Keeping a good positive paintings in your house always provide you with a great feeling. It creates a positive energy in your house. Besides that it will be a great way of grabbing attention of the guests who visits your house. It provides a glamorous look